Essential Oils

In the Spring of 2014, our family began using natural health solutions to treat our ailments and to support health and wellness.  As a result, each one of us have seen dramatic improvements to our health.  We are happy to share our stories with others and help them find natural ways to support and improve their health and their family's health.

We use essential oils.  An essential oil is an aromatic compound that is distilled from plant parts such as bark, roots, leaves, flowers, stems, peels from citrus, etc.  These oils powerfully protect a plant from predators and disease and helps the plant heal itself.  Before the pharmaceutical industry began, people used various plants to treat various ailments.  The pharmaceutical industry took these ideas, made synthetics of these plant parts and found a cheaper and easier way to provide help to people.  However, it wasn't without the side effects of these synthetic compounds.  It's time we reclaim nature the way God intended it to be used and benefit from it.  If the oils make up the protective and immune system of the plants, they can also have the same benefits for us.

We have seen effects of using an oil within seconds which when dealing with asthma, melt-downs, headaches, and stomach aches, that's a very good thing!  Feel free to watch the video below of my story of how I become a believer in essential oils.

If you want to learn more about our experiences with essential oils, feel free to contact us.  We love being able to support our bodies and enhance our health naturally and without putting toxins in our bodies or experiencing negative side effects.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils, please visit my website: or email me directly ( with specific questions or to find out how you can get essential oils for yourself.

I have started up a business (Balanced Essential Living) where I provide consultations as well as services.  I also started Naturally Essential Health & Beauty where I sell health and beauty products that I make using all natural products and essential oils.  Our family is loving these products.  If you would like to purchase any of our products yourself, please feel free to look up Naturally Essential Health & Beauty on our website.  Checkout the Balanced Essential Living Facebook page for more product details and essential oil information.

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