God's Call on our Children

David (6 years old) and Joshua (8 years old)
God has called us and our children. It has been exciting to see evidences of God's work in their hearts throughout this process. For his 100 days of school project in first grade, Josh chose to list 100 places and reasons of why he would like to visit those places. The reasons Josh listed for 13 of those places were to tell the people about Jesus and/or minister to those who had suffered tragedy.  Because of his autism, Josh is not afraid of what people think about him because he can't put himself in other people's shoes.  As a result, Joshua is a bold witness openly sharing the Gospel with those around him.
Joshua Caleb - 6 years old

During family devotions and prayer time, we use Operation World, discussing and praying for a different country each day. One evening, while discussing Algeria, David said, "We need to go there to tell them about Jesus." We explained that Christianity is illegal there it wouldn't be safe for us to go there. He replied, "That's ok, we can have people pray that God would keep us safe!" God is giving our boys a heart for missions!
David Isaiah - 4 years old

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