Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Steps to Answering the Call

We invite you to join us as we walk the path to answering God's call.  We've provided links to our story to give you a background to how we got where we are now.  We intend to use this blog to allow you to walk with us, pray with and for us, and to remain up to date with how God is working in our hearts and lives.  

Where we are now: 
After getting medical clearance from the medical director of Mission to the World (MTW), the mission board we are planning to serve with, we have started the lengthy process of applying for service in long-term missions with MTW.  We have been in conversation with an MTW recruiter about serving long-term possibly in Bulgaria.  We have also been in communication with the Bulgaria team leader.  After much prayer and many conversations, Tim and I have decided to take a Vision Trip to Bulgaria to spend some time with the team, view the area, check out the local hospital, and discern if that's the place God wants our family and in what capacities He is calling us to serve.  Our trip has been planned for April 21-29, 2011.  We will be going without the boys in order to be solely focused on our task at hand. The boys will split their time with both sets of grandparents while we are away.

  1. That God would use this trip for His purpose and glory. 
  2. That He will direct us in knowing whether or not He is calling us to serve Him in Bulgaria.   
  3. That God would direct us to know in what ways He wants us to serve Him.  Tim especially is seeking God's direction in this area.
  4. That God would provide the necessary funds for this trip.  It will  cost us $2,000 for the trip.
  5. That God would keep us safe while we are away from our boys.

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