Thursday, March 24, 2011

People Need the Lord

When our family sang "People Need the Lord" a few weeks ago in church (see, we had the special recorded.  Since then, I decided to take the recording and put it to a video of pictures from the last two missions trips that Tim and I have taken - one in Togo and Ghana, West Africa, and the other in Asia Minor.

Joshua, our 6 year old (who has Asperger's Syndrome), absolutely loves this song (well, so does David, for that matter).  As you will hear in the recording, Josh likes to sing right into the microphone.  We kept pulling him back during the song, and he kept moving closer.  I personally think that it's awesome that he would be willing to stand up in front of people for one, and then so jubilantly sing his praises to the Lord!

May the Lord use the message of the song and the pictures of people to burden your hearts for the lives of those around you and abroad!  What are you doing to share the Gospel to the lost?

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