Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Answered Prayers

God heard the prayers of our friends and family, and answered them according to His will!  Today I got released from the hospital!

My spinal MRI showed no additional lesions for which we are thankful.  There are still no answers as to what is causing my migraine, but we are checking more and more possibilities off the list.  The new meds I started on last night helped get the pain under control, so I now will be taking them regularly.  I have to follow up with my neurologist in about a week.  I also have an appointment with a Jefferson neurologist for a second opinion.

Lord-willing, we will get definitive answers soon, and I will know what it's like to be completely pain free!  At least the pain is manageable at this point, so I can function with it.

In the meantime, we are enjoying being reunited as a family.  I got to spend some special cuddle time with the boys when they came home from school today.  We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Josh cried tears of joy when he saw me and has given me lots of hugs and kisses.  I was thankful that I got home 30 minutes before his bus dropped him off so that I could surprise him.  I was glad it gave me enough time to get a real shower so I felt human again too!

David has been giving me lots of hugs and cute smiles that say, "I'm so glad you are home"

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  1. Christine!!! I am so happy you don't have an aneurysm. This was beyond a worrisome thought to me and I prayed it wouldn't be the case. God is good. I'm also glad the medication is bringing you relief from your symptoms.