Thursday, August 8, 2013

For the love of a child

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward."        ~ Psalm 127:3 ~

What wouldn't we do for our children but to provide the best for them with the means that God grants us.  We were placed in a situation that required us to act for the good of Joshua, our oldest, although, all of us have benefited from it.

After several years of fighting the school district for proper Autism services and still not getting what would be best for Joshua and his well-being, we discovered that God was closing the door for our current living situation and pushing us to pursue other arrangements.

We started looking for houses in better school districts in the area praying that God would provide a house for us that not only would be in a better district but would also provide for the needs of our boys as they grow and become more active.  After several months of searching and two rejected offers on houses, the Lord provided us with a home situation better than we could have imagined in a school district that actually makes decisions based on what would be best for a child.  

Our life the last several months has been one major whirlwind.  We got a settlement in 30 days and began the frantic packing.  We settled on the new house on July 22 and moved in that week.  We are in the process of trying to find a renter for our Pottstown house to allow for us to wait until the housing market in Pottstown has turned around--praying that it eventually will--so that we can sell it.  

In the meantime, we are in the midst of boxes working hard to settle into our new home.  Josh was allowed to attend ESY (Extended School Year, summer school that helps children not have regression in behavioral or educational goals) for social skills/behavioral help in our new school district, the Owen J. Roberts School District.  He was invited to start attending before we even officially moved into the school district.  I have been fighting our previous school district, the Pottstown School District, since Josh was in Kindergarten to get him into ESY but was never successful.  Josh has thrived in ESY this summer and has been granted a great leg-up to success for his upcoming school year.  He will be allowed to have the necessary supports in the classroom to build him up for success rather than setting him up for failure.  We are thrilled to death about Josh's new school and the attitude of those in charge of the special education department.  

What we had to go through to get to this point of living in our new home has been really difficult.  It has taken its toll on each person in our family.  However, we firmly believe it was all worth it.  It was the least we could do for our son.  Our heavenly Father has done so much more for us.  We praise Him for His provision.

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!"   ~ Matthew 7:11 ~

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