Saturday, April 23, 2011

Touring Bulgaria

Roman Road
After getting a much needed good night's sleep and getting a shower after 48 hours without one, we felt human again and went out to explore Sophia, Bulgaria.  We spent a good amount of walking down town and learning about the history of Bulgaria.  We had the opportunity to see ancient ruins and walk on a stone street built by the Romans when Bulgaria was controlled by the Roman Empire.  As we walked around, there were many sights drawing us to reflect on Easter and the Resurrection like vendors selling beautifully decorated eggs or assorted pictures of Jesus and/or the cross.  Easter is a big holiday for the people of Bulgaria, and people celebrate from Good Friday through Easter Sunday.  Many go out of town and spend time with families in the country or out of the country.  Many of the people who claim to be Orthodox go to church on Easter Sunday (and/or Christmas) even if they never step in a church the rest of the year, resembling the practice of many Americans, sadly.

We got to go inside many different Bulgarian Orthodox churches including the largest one which was bustling with activity as workers were setting up lighting and sound equipment in preparation for the special Resurrection Celebration service being done tonight.  Although many people of Bulgaria are now non-religious because of the reaction to Communism.  Eastern Orthodoxy was the religion of people of today's grandparents.  However, those who are still attending Orthodox churches are more hung up in the practice of lighting of candles and relying on saints in their path to heaven.  While some seem to have a solid profession of faith, many do not have a saving knowledge of the Gospel.
As we prepare to celebrate Christ's resurrection, it is our prayer that the hearts of the Bulgarian people have a resurrection in the sense that their heart of stone is made into a heart of flesh and they see the truth of the Gospel and make Christ their Savior and King!

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your photos. It looks like a beautiful city.