Thursday, September 22, 2011

David has a new infection

This afternoon, David came down with a high fever once again.  He has not had an active infection since the beginning of August making it the longest stretch without infection this year.  However, it is discouraging that he should get an infection considering that he is still on his prophylactic antibiotic and has had 3 antibody blood transfusions.  However, I must be patient since David's doctor did say it would take the full 3 weeks of having transfusions twice a week to build up his antibody level which is why he wanted David to continue on the prophylactic antibiotic for 1 month after the transfusions started.

The good news is that David already has a follow-up appointment scheduled for tomorrow with his immune specialist, so I don't need to worry about getting a last-minute appointment for him.  David just had his 4th transfusion tonight and did well with the transfusion despite burning up with a fever.

Please be in prayer that David will get better quickly and for wisdom for his doctor in treating the infection properly.  Thanks so much for bringing our little boy before God's throne of grace!
David doting on his cousin Grace when she was about 24 hours old

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