Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick David Update

The doctor thinks David has a viral infection, but given David's high fevers and history of bacterial infections that are difficult to treat, he doesn't want to take any chances, so he's doubled the dose of antibiotics that David has been taking prophylactically just in case. Also, David's lung function is decreased, so to prevent things from getting worse if the infection moves to his airways, he wants him to have nebulizer treatments twice a day until his infection clears up. Today, I had a hard time controlling David's fevers and they got really high, but I was thankful his fever started to drop as I got him tucked into bed for the night.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  We are hoping David has a better night tonight.  Last night was rough with two intense night terrors and then a raging fever because the ibuprofen and Tylenol had worn off.  I am physically exhausted and have been fighting a cold since Monday that has now moved to my lungs.  Tim and Joshua continue to be healthy, but Tim is getting just as worn down as I am.

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