Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Aneurism!

Today I found out that my MRA from yesterday was negative, so I do not have a brain aneurism, for which we are very thankful.  I have not received the results yet from my blood work I had done yesterday to check for vasculitis or the ANSAR test I had done last night to determine the functioning of my autonomic nervous system.  I hope that I can get some answers tomorrow once the neurologist has had time to review the results and call me.

Two days ago, my neurologist doubled the dose of the Elavil that I am on for the pain, and it has brought considerable relief.  I still have yet to be completely pain free for a day, but I am thankful for the longer breaks in pain where I have the unfamiliar feeling of being pain-free.  The drug increase has also decreased a lot of my neurological symptoms that were getting quite worrisome as they affected my ability to function.

Our church and neighbors have been providing us with meals which has been a huge blessing.  With the fatigue from the pain and the struggle with the neurological symptoms, it has become really difficult to take care of the boys, help with homework, and get dinner on the table at a reasonable time.  Not having to make meals every day has allowed me to spend more of my energy and time on my family, which has become especially important during this stressful time of my illness.

God continues to sustain us and carry us through each day.  I am so grateful for His perfect peace and His comfort.  My sister in law shared this video with me, which is so utterly perfect for what I am going through.  I thought I would share the richness of the message with you as well.

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